Hinckley National Rail Freight Interchange | DB The Process
Located at junction 2 of the M69, the plans for a National Rail Freight Interchange in Hinckley will deliver a large multi-purpose freight interchange and distribution facility connected to both the rail and road network.
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The Process

12th January 2022 – 8th April 2022 (extension from 9th March 2022): Formal Consultation

Following formal consultation there will be a fully reasoned response to the feedback received which will inform the submission version of the application and will be recorded in a consultation report which will be submitted as part of the consultation documents.

The programme below provides indicative timescales assuming a Q3 planning submission:

Q3 2022: DCO Application Submission and Acceptance Stage

The Acceptance Stage will begin when we apply for the development consent to the Planning Inspectorate. There follows a period of up to 28 days for the Planning Inspectorate, on behalf of the Secretary of State, to decide where the application meets the standards required to be accepted for Examination.

Q3 2022: Pre-Examination

At this stage, the public will be able to register with the Planning Inspectorate to become and Interested Party by making a Relevant Representation. An Examining Authority is also appointed at this stage and all Interested Parties will be invited to attend a Preliminary Meeting run and chaired by the Examining Authority. This stage usually takes 3 months.

Q4 2022 – Q1 2023: Examination

The Planning Inspectorate has up to 6 months to carry out the examination. During this stage members of the public who have registered by making a Relevant Representation are invited to provide more details of their views in writing.

Q3 2023: Recommendation

The Planning Inspectorate must prepare a report on the application to the Secretary of State for Transport, including a recommendation, within three months of the close of the 6-month Examination Stage.

Q4 2023: Decision

The relevant Secretary of State then has 3 months to make the decision on whether to grant or refuse the development consent.