Hinckley National Rail Freight Interchange | DB Community Engagement
Located at junction 2 of the M69, the plans for a National Rail Freight Interchange in Hinckley will deliver a large multi-purpose freight interchange and distribution facility connected to both the rail and road network.
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Community Engagement

Two rounds of informal consultation on the proposals have now taken place. The initial round was held between October and December 2018, in which Tritax Symmetry hosted eight exhibitions across the local area, which were attended by 1,500 residents. In response to feedback received to the first informal consultation stage, a further round of consultation took place between 8th July – 6th September 2019. This included six further public exhibitions which were attended by 1,200 residents.


In discussion with the local authorities, Tritax symmetry has prepared a Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC) which details how the local community will be consulted on the proposals. Tritax Symmetry has committed to undertake a robust consultation which goes beyond the minimum requirements typical for this sort of application.


Statutory Consultations will follow in due course and will include a fully reasoned response to the informal public consultation exercise.


All information, including materials presented at both sets of public exhibitions, can be found on this website. Simply click the Consultation Materials button to learn more.